Run Coaching services

Online & in New York City

Running race training: road races (5k, 10k half and full marathon), cross country, and track

Form, gait and breathing evaluation, and advice

Workout plans tailored to improve your speed, distance, and ease of running

Coaching sessions for overall athletic conditioning, other sports, or personal fitness

New runner introduction and help in recovering from injury or re-starting running after a break

Supportive friendly coaching customized toward your goals

Is it Time to Get a Running Coach?

There are mountains of advice on how to be a better runner. You can take the time to sift through it all, sorting through what might work for you. Or you can take the more direct route of working with someone who can personally assess how and where you can improve, all within your first meeting.   Coach Paul Berry brings years of running and coaching experience, plus the expertise of world class coaches he’s learned from — consolidating a wealth of knowledge into a personalized plan that will help you reach your next goal.

Coach Paul Berry

Paul Berry came to running in his middle years, which gives him an appreciation of the challenges and potential of new and returning runners. He enjoys working with athletes of all ability levels, helping them reach their goals as new, experienced or returning runners.

Paul has over 10 years of coaching experience and several accreditations: Road Runners Club of America, USA Track & Field, Jack Daniels VDOT O2, and McMillan Running.

He is also an active participant and leader in his local running community.